Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Grey Hair Problems and Grey Hair Problems Causes and Treatments

Lot of problems of Grey Hair in this year Grey Hair is a manifestation of incorrect protein activity. Hair increases bright if the color pigment stops being created in your hair hair 
foillicle and little hair areas consider its position. Pigment cells situated on the base of each one hair foillicle create the normal prominent color of our youngsters. Nevertheless, like a individual increases older and gets to middle age, a lot more of the color cells die and colour is dropped from person hair.

Grey Hair fo needs the following nourishment
Vitamin A :  Include dark green vegetables and orange
Vitamin B : cauliflower, cereals, liver kidney, yogurt, bananas and green vegetables. 
Minerals : red meat, parsley, eggs, wheat and sunflower seeds; copper - seafood, egg yolk as will as almost whole grains.
Proteins : whole grains, cereals, meat and soy.
  • The Amla is the better treatment for grey hair and dropping hair. Normal massage of "amla" paste applied to the head worked as a chef miraclesmost of the time, often curing the whole process of greying or falling of hair.
  •  Saturate regarding10 to 12 rithas and 3 to 4 shikakai pods immediately inside a dry pint of h2o. Overnight, steam for some min's and strain. Use this particular liquid like a regular hair shampoo. Severally saturate10 to 12 dried amlas in two a mug of water immediately. Stress and employ like a hair restorative right after the head bath. Get out about the hair for 10 mins and rinse hair with clean hot water. This can leave hair clean and gleaming as well as stop early greying of the hair. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Low Self Esteem Among Young Girls

Recent research carried out, based on interviews with 500 young girls from across the UK, revealed that around twenty five per cent of them feel under pressure to conform to an "Ideal image". Five per cent claimed they hated the way they looked, with twenty per cent claiming there would be much they would like to change. All these results indicating a feeling of low self -esteem among these young people.

The survey, which was carried out by the Future Foundation on behalf of Dove, interviewed girls aged between 11 and 17 years of age, and reveals the alarming effect that low Self-esteem is having on their future prospects and outlook on life. Only a third of those interviewed felt confident that they would go on to have success in any chosen career.

This lack of self-esteem and self-confidence in their appearance has resulted in them spending as much time in attending to it as they would spend on their homework, nearly forty five minutes applying make-up in contrast to just fifty or so minutes on home work. Almost fifty per cent described themselves as ordinary and claimed they would be far happier if they felt more attractive.

This alarming image of thousands of young girls suffering from low self-esteem and self-confidence could have long term effects on the future of women's roles in society.

The results of this particular survey have indicated that by the middle of this century the United Kingdom could lose hundreds and thousands of professional women such as doctors, lawyers and business entrepreneurs, plus the possibility of lacking fifty future women members of parliament.

It is also claimed that this lack of self-esteem and self-confidence at present being displayed by these girls will make it highly unlikely they will aspire to careers in business, politics or sport.

It is a highly disturbing picture that is being painted by the results of this survey, a picture of thousands of young girls unknowingly condemning themselves to lower expectations of life and future happiness. It would be easy, and in some ways justified to blame the media, magazines, television and pop videos, for this undermining of young girls self-confidence. They are subjected to a constant barrage of images of near perfect models and highly glamorous life styles, to make them think that they are somehow inadequate if they do not conform to these images; but the future does not have to be that bleak.

Dove has launched a high self-esteem programme, aimed at 11 to 14 year old girls, to be introduced and rolled out in the form of workshops in schools across the country.

In addition to these workshops, parents and other adults can strive to boost young girl's self-esteem in as many ways as possible. Praise them for any small achievement they may make. Convince them that they are as attractive as any air brushed model, and that personality and a healthy outlook on life are just as important as physical beauty. Raising their self-esteem will raise their aspirations, and their future prospects.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Renee Olstead Sexy Young Girls


Renee was born in Houston, Texas, on Father's Day (1989). She is a complete entertainer that has pleased crowds of all ages with her unique style for over six years. Her emotional energy and four octave range produces an extraordinary entertainment experience. Renee is a SAG/AFTRA member. Past. Renee has completed numerous projects in California, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Utah, and Texas. Her credentials include award-winning films, commercials, charity fundraisers, and live vocal appearances.

Renee Olstead Bikini 1
 She performed the national anthem on several occasions for the Houston Comets (WNBA) including the prestigious inaugural opening night. Renee continues to receive international exposure from the two E! documentaries titled: The Making of a Child Star (1997) (TV) and "The Making of a Child Star: The Journey Continues." Present. Renee currently appears in two feature films (The Insider (1999) and End of Days (1999)), several national commercials and regularly makes vocal appearances for Continental Airlines and the Hollywood Reporter's YoungStar Awards. Her busy schedule requires her to balance her time between the Nashville and L.A. areas.

Emma Stone Fashion Style for Young Girls

20a3d Fashion Style Emma Stone dress Los Angeles premiere of The Amazing Spider Man 1 Emma Stone in embroidered Chanel dress

Saturday night was a big night for real-life lovers Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as the Los Angeles premiere of their much-awaited film “The Amazing Spider-Man” was held at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood.The 23-year-old actress, who plays Gwen Stacy in the film, wore a white short-sleeved Chanel dress (from the Resort 2013 collection), which featured an A-line silhouette, a puff skirt with pin-tucking around the sides, pink tulle peaking underneath the skirt and intricate red and pink embroidery around the waist and the shoulders. Although we love how the baroque design looked perfect for the web theme of the premiere, we can’t help but notice how the puffy skirt and strong shoulders added bulk to Emma’s figure.

We do, however, adore her pair of Christian Louboutin silver pumps (from the Spring-Summer 2012 Collection) that were encrusted with Swarovski spikes. She kept her accessories simple with just a pair of diamond Cartier earrings and an oversized Cartier statement ring.


Emma Stone in Black Fashion Style.
Emma Stone’s hair and makeup was flawless as always. Her hair was wrapped with a diamond circle brooch to make a low bun with side-swept bangs. Glossy pink lips, cat-eye with dabs of mascara completed her look.

Short Wavy Hairstyle 2012 for Young Girls

New Hairstyles For Girls 20112012
New Hairstyles For Girls 2011/2012:  Its summer and as usual weather is very hot that’s why long hair are not inn this season. The maximum length should be above the chest. Here are some new styles of girls haircuts which will give you a good idea about whats inn and how to make these type of hairstyles. It’s better to select if you like one of these new haircuts for 2011/2012 and tell your hairdresser to cut your hair in this shape.

Do you think short wavy haircuts fashionable? Short wavy hairstyles are welcome among people of all age groups. Are you fed up with your old hairstyle?

Short wavy hairstyles would be the best option if you desire to get a trend statement with short hair. Though a lot can be done with long hair when it comes to styling, but that doesn’t mean people who have short hair cannot look fashionable. Some Hollywood celebrities have done short wavy haircuts. Short wavy hairstyles appear quite graceful and trendy.

Blonde Short Wavy  Hairstyles 2012

New Hairstyles For Girls 2011/2012
 Cute Short Wavy Hairstyles 2012

Free Walpapers of Ryu Hwayoung Beauty Girls

Ryu Hwayoung is a South Korean singer and is a member of the girl group, T-ara.  She was recruited by Core Contents Media and is the second youngest member in the group.  Hwayoung serves as the main rapper and was added as the 7th member in July 2010.  She has a twin sister named Ryu Hyoyoung and she is also a singer and is a member of Coed School and 5dolls.  Hwayoung is currently finishing up her high school degree at Chonnam Girls High School.

Ryu Hwayoung began her singing career when she was just 17 years old.  She is a great addition to T-ara and is one of the more popular members in the group.  She is a cutesy girl and is one of the few girls who actually looks great with short hair.  Hwayoung is still very young and has a lot of potential to grow as an artist.

Ryu Hwa Young from T-ARA and The actress Park Shin Hye.

Taylor Swift's Fashion Style for Young Girls


Oh I am basically in love with Taylor Swift's fashion style. She is cute, stylish and seems like a very fun girl (look at me, I'm worshiping a teenage queen star like I'm a true teenage girl -haha). Yeah, although I'm not in my teen or twenties anymore but I still love what she's wearing. She always seems to dress casually chic with a bit of boho slash edgy slash city-look kinda girl. It seems that she just dressed up in whatever she feels like into. Love love love her chic no-fuss look and what's important is how she looks so comfortable wearing it.

Taylor loves to wear boots a lot, from leather boots that she love to pair with tight jeans to country style boots which she usually pair with a loose-cut or flowy dresses for her gigs. She also love to wear structured black tights (which I love). And she also love to dress up in a posh school-girl style which is kinda like what the kids in Constance (Gossip Girl)'s school would wear ^o^ And it looked so cute on her, and really age-appropriate :)

I love her casual look with simple denim skirt and a white blouse plus cardi on the left, she added a little bit of boho-ness to the look by adding a fringe bag and gladi sandals. I also love her really simple style on the right. All black and white with a little bit of green splash color to keep it interesting.

Okay, enough about Taylor Swift for you guys, I'm afraid I would bore you (but never enough for me, I swear ;p). What do you think? Do you like her style too? Praise this young starlet's fashion sense like me? Or her style just not you? tell me, tell me, tell me... i wanna know ^__^

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5 Hairstyling Tips For Young Girls

Girls know that styling your hair can cause major damage. Whether you are coloring it, blow drying it, curling it, teasing it, or pulling it back into a rubberband — every day we do something to damage it.

So here are some tips to make styling your hair both easier and gentler…some of you might already know these, while others may be new. All are great tips, though!

Wash and Rinse
Wash your hair, and wash it good! You don’t have to spend a fortune on hair products, but you really should use both a shampoo and conditioner that work together for your particular hair type. But you should definitely spend extra time rinsing all the product gunk out of your hair. Otherwise, your hair could be difficult to style, and be weighted down…it could even look “dirty” when you’ve just washed it!

More Isn’t Always Better
Too much gel or mousse in your hair creates nothing but a sticky, unmanageable mess! And if you use expensive styling products, you are wasting money as well. Use water to rinse out what you can, dry off the excess water, and then style as normal. You should still have enough product left in there to get the job done.

Splurge On Your Tools
Yes, I can tell the difference when I get my hair done at the salon and they use pricey hairbrushes, a good tourmaline dryer, and an expensive flat iron. I have purchased all of these items, and have had them for years. Consider it an investment; your hair will thank you for it!

When You Blowdry Does Matter
If you hop right out of the shower and start blowdrying your hair, you’ll probably realize that it takes a lot longer than normal. If your bathroom is steamy, it actually will take more time (and more heat) to get it dry, and may do more damage to your hair as well.

If You Can Wait, Wait
If you can, just blow dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry and then let it air dry the rest of the way. The longer you blow dry, the more likely you are to cause damage to your hair with all the yanking and pulling you are doing. If you are not going to be curling or flat ironing after you blow dry, then when it’s 80% dry you can go ahead and pin it up, put it in a pony tail…whatever.

Better yet, shower in the evening and then let your hair air dry. This avoids having to blow dry your hair at all!
What is the best styling tip you have? Mine is that last one…I try to blowdry my hair as little as possible. And when I do blowdry it, I always use a heat protecting product. I really like Nexxus’ Protexx Heat Protection Styling Spray (and it smells good too!)

Selena Gomez Casual Fashion For Young Girl

selena gomez casual fashions
Selena Gomez Casual Fashions
Check out the latest Selena Gomez style and fashion trends on Coolspotters.

selena gomez casual outfits
Selena Gomez Casual Outfits

casual fashion selena gomez
Casual Fashion Selena Gomez

selena gomez casual mode
Selena Gomez Casual Mode

Ashlee Simpson Short Hairstyle for Young Girls

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson's Short, Straight, Chic, Blonde Hairstyle is an adorable way to style a pixie cut. See how to get the look:
1. To get Ashlee Simpson's hairstyle, apply smoothing cream to damp hair and comb it through well to distribute product evenly.
2. Once it's completely dry, use a flat iron to straighten your hair in small sections for a sleek look.
3. Apply a bit of styling wax to your fingertips and rake them through your pixie to add piece-y movement.

Ashlee Simpson Short, Blonde Haircut

Ashlee Simpson cut her hair into an even shorter pixie and bleached it blonde. Here's how to style her look:
1. Apply a styling gel to damp hair.
2. Tousle your hair with your fingers while you blow dry, or just let it air dry.
3. Finish with a styling wax or paste to flip hair out exactly how you want it.

Ashley Benson`Hanna Marin` Sexy Young Girls

ashley benson hot
Hell, Fashionistas. As we promised, it’s time to do a little examination on Hanna Marin from the hit TV series, Pretty Little Liars. Her style is playful, yet mature. It’s sexy, yet conservative. How does she pull it off? Well, that’s what this post is ALL about.By now, you’re probably getting an idea of Hanna Marin’s style.

As you can see a lot of it is cute blazers, flirty tops, mini skirts, and (duh!) pumps. Notice how she gives a girly outfit a more professional look by just adding a blazer! Hanna’s style also consists of phenomenal hair stylings!

Ashley Benson as 'Hanna Marin' in Pretty Little Liar
She has a very pretty face, shiny hair and a great style! I can understand her weight issues.