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Cute and beauty fashion for young girl

beauty portrait of fashion young girl with hair style and cute make up looking down
 Stock Photo - 8886621
Beauty portrait of fashion young girl with hair style and cute make up looking down

close up portrait fashion of young blond girl with creative hair stylish on dark background  stock photography
Close up portrait fashion of young blond girl with creative hair stylish on dark background

beauty young blond woman with creative hair style and fashion make up looking Stock Photo - 8886618
Beauty young blond woman with creative hair style and fashion make up looking

fashion portrait of blond girl with red lips Stock Photo - 3854210
Fashion portrait of blond girl with red lips

portrait of young beautiful blond girl with red lips and bright eyes Stock Photo - 3854206
Portrait of young beautiful blond girl with red lips and bright eyes
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Tulisa Young Carer

Tulisa Contostavlos is best known for being the girl in the pop band N-Dubz. But she is also a carer for her mum who has suffered from a mental illness since before Tulisa was born. In this deeply personal authored documentary for BBC Three, Tulisa finds out what life is like for some of the 80,000 other young people in Britain caring for a parent with mental health problems.

Drawing on her own experiences, which included seeing her mum admitted to psychiatric care when she was five years old, Tulisa meets other young carers to explore  the day-to-day realities of living with a mentally ill parent. She finds the effects can be overwhelming and often endured with little outside support but discovers there is help available, notably young carers groups. And Tulisa also looks into the difficult topic of heredity, asking whether her own hectic rock-star lifestyle is putting her at risk of developing an illness like her mum's.
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Cute School Hairstyles for Young Girls

Hairstyles are very important for school or for any occasion, so try to inspire your hairstyle from the following cute school hairstyles ideas for girls. Your stylish appearance will count for you as well as the people surrounding you so care for your tresses

There are a variety of cute school hairstyles for girls for you to choose from depending of personal preference and obviously hair type and hair length. The type of hair is very important when choosing a hairstyle as it can turn the hairstyle into a disaster. Fortunately there are a variety of styling tools and products available for hairstyling which can give your hair a temporary change in texture.

Cute hairstyles for girls are meant to offer you the stylish look you need to benefit from as style doesn't keep count of age. Caring for your physical appearance can only be beneficial for you as femininity and beauty are strongly related to maintaining a beauty ritual. Because different hair lengths require different hairstyles try to inspire yourself from the following cut school hairstyles for girls:

For short hairstyles

Short hairstyles offer you the advantage of being trendy as they are among the most popular hairstyles of the moment. Because of the hairs length you can also benefit from a low maintenance hairstyle, but the downside to short hairstyles is their versatility. Short hairstyles don't offer as many styling options as longer hairstyles but still, if the right haircut is created one can style the hair in various ways. It is important to choose a versatile haircut which features longer hair cut on top and shorter on the sides. This is a popular hairstyle which will allow you to style your hair straight, curly, messy, spiky, in a quiff, etc. Try to use the right styling tools and products for your hair type and be as diverse with your hair styling as possible. Opt for hair accessories if you wish as they can give your hair little bit of a twist.

For medium hairstyles
Medium hairstyles are the hair length preferred by the majority of girls and women as they offer more versatility that short hairstyles but they are a lower maintenance than long hairstyles. If you have medium hair try to opt for loose straight hairstyles, curly or wavy loose hairstyles, messy buns, ballerina bun hairstyles. Bob hairstyles can do wonders for most girls so they can be a great solution for you as there are a variety of bob hairstyles to choose from. Style your hair using the proper hairstyling tools and products for your hair type so you can look fabulous.

Photo by Tom Carson,Yellow Strawberry Global Salon, Sarasota, FL

Photo by Tom Carson, Bella Capelli Sanctuario, Westlake, OH

Photo by Tom Carson, Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Spa, Mentor, OH

Photo by Tom Carson, Sheer Professionals Salon, Wooster, OH

For long hairstyles
If you have long hair your hair styling options will be endless. Long hairstyles benefit from the most versatility but the styling time required is also the highest. For school you can choose to leave your hair down and style it straight, curly or wavy. For a more interesting approach you can try half-up/half down hairstyles, pinned up hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, braided hairstyles, bohemian hairstyles, scene hairstyles. Be diverse and choose a different hairstyle every time you wish. You will look fabulous and enviable for sure if the hairstyle suite your facial features.

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Emma Watson in Hairstyles for Young Girls

emma watson at the last harry poter movie premiere
Why we love emma watson's versatile hair
Think short haircuts aren't versatile? Think again! Emma Watson proves that short doesn't have to be dull.

Emma Watson has become famous for two things: her incredible acting ability and her super chic, short haircut. The Harry Potter star confidently shows off how versatile a short ‘do can be. From slicked back to effortless edge, the actress always seems to do it right.

Slicked Back
Emma rocks a dramatic side part and gels back her short hair, leaving all the attention on her flawless facial features. The minamalist look leaves the opportunity to play up her eye makeup. The cool thing about this look is that from the front, it gives the illusion that Emma’s hair is long and pulled back into a slick bun. Try the sleek look for a formal event, like prom, and don’t be afraid to have fun with your makeup! A strong eye or a bright lip are the perfect pairing for the coif.

Although Emma’s hair is still super short, she plays with her hair’s color to create a completely different look. Her glowing skin, combined with the darker locks and sexy-chic dress give Emma a look that can only be described with one word: bombshell!

Fun & Flirty Fringe

Emma says her short hair allows her to “wear things that are a bit more graphic.” A short haircut leaves a blank canvas for fun makeup and cute outfits. A quick blow-dry and a little bit of sculpting wax are all it takes to create Emma’s everyday ‘do. Play around with your strands to make a messier, effortless effect. Pair the hair with a daring outfit for a bold look that reeks of confidence.
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Vanessa Hudgens in Hairstyles for Young Girls

Create a flirty, messy bun!
Everyone from Taylor Swift to Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts has rocked this look. The secret? Don't overthink it! The softer and more unstructured the look, the better.


1. Spritz wax all over for grab and texture.

Try Matrix Design Pulse Get Action Spray Wax, $15, check for a salon near you

2. Create a super-loose loop by pulling hair back and tucking the ends to the side.

3. Twist two corkscrew-shaped pins into the sides of the bun. So much easier than painstakingly pinning each strand.

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Very Young Girls, The Best documentary 2008

Very Young Girls (2008) - Movie Review
Documentaries like Born Into Brothels and Highway Courtesans have made us keenly aware of the evils of child prostitution.
Very Young Girls, directed by David Schisgall, Nina Alvarez and Priya Swaminathan, brings the story home. The film follows several New York City tween and teenage girls who’ve become prostitutes, and who are trying to cope with the consequences and redirect their lives.

Girls Gone Astray Find Guidance

The girls represent a sympathetic cast of characters. We learn that they’ve come from impoverished homes in high crime neighborhoods, from broken families which provide them with little or no support. Desperately in need of attention, love and a sense of direction, they’re seduced by older men into unhealthy and exploitative love relationships. Once they're emotionally involved and invested, the predatory and exploitative men convince, cajole, drug or threaten them until they agree to turn tricks and become 'hos.'
These girls, who are maturing physically but remain emotional infants, are desperately in need of guidance--and, if they're lucky, it comes to them in the form of Rachel Lloyd, who is also this film’s central character. Lloyd‘s own background was as troubled as that of the girls. She was born in the UK, dropped out of school and fled to Munich, where she worked as a teenage stripper and hooker before transferring her trade to New York, where she eventually changed her act. Finding her current calling, she began helping young girls who find themselves in situations like the one from which she escaped.

Lloyd established a outreach organization called Girl Education and Mentoring Services or, for short, GEMS, to give guidance and help to teenage girl prostitutes. Lloyd began the program in her apartment and eventually got funding to open a recovery center where girls can seek shelter while they’re trying to redirect their lives. All of the girls who’re profiled in the film are participants in the GEMS program.

Exposing Bad Men

The film also follows the alarming story of two twenty-something brothers, Anthony and Chris Griffith, who set out to establish themselves as reality TV stars by filming themselves as they seduce and pimp teenage girls. Their home video fills in the girls‘ stories by showing us something about what the men in their lives are like--completely selfish and without morals, and alarmingly street smart about what they can get away with. We also find out that this footage became the evidence that sent the two brutes to jail. There is some justice!
It’s surprising, though, that the film’s directors don’t venture further into investigating the underlying social, political and economic conditions that make the film’s cast and other young girls so vulnerable to the men who exploit them. Yes, the filmmakers let the girls tell us how they fell in love, were fooled into turning tricks and then couldn't find any way out of their shame, fear, loneliness, imprisoning relationships. But there’s little exposure of how and why our social welfare system fails to protect these girls from becoming victims of these predatory men--who are, after all, guilty of statutory rape and should be prosecuted for it, but most often are not.

Is It Enough?

It’s good that the film brings the plight of these very young girls to light, and that it refrains from inflicting any degree of blame or shame on them. But it could and should take on a stronger advocacy role by pointing out just where and why the our social system breaks down in failing to provide these children with any sort of safety net and fails to punish those who abuse and exploit them in such a way that other predators will be discouraged from doing so. Very Young Girls would be a stronger, more effective film if it delved deeper into this very profound and pressing problem that, despite the efforts of Rachel Lloyd, won’t be resolved any time soon.

Film Details:

Year: 2008
Parental Rating: Cautionary; some scenes objectionable
Country Of Origin: U.S.
Running Time: 83
Format: Color
Production Co(s).: Showtime; Swinging T Productions
Released By: Showtime

Nina Alvarez: Director
David Schisgall: Director
Priya Swaminathan: Director
Nina Alvarez: Producer
David Schisgall: Producer
Priya Swaminathan: Producer
John Moser: Exec. Producer
Jack Lechner: Exec. Producer
Diana Barret: Exec. Producer
Josh Freed: Assoc. Producer
Priya Swaminathan: Cinematographer
Nina Alvarez: Cinematographer
Jane Jo: Editor
Nathan Larson: Musical Composer
Nina Alvarez: Sound
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Japanese Fashion for young girl

japanese girl lovely wind 4
Fashion trend is growing rapidly among us. If you do not want to miss, it’s good we choose and make sure the clothes that we will use. Japanese fashion is very global and very beautiful, for it among many young Japanese fashion that mimics, ranging  from clothes, bags, hats, and even hairstyles. Here will be shown some Japanese fashion for women who are want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

japanese girl lovely wind

japanese girl lovely wind 1

japanese girl lovely wind 2

japanese girl lovely wind 5
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How the Young House Love Bloggers Turned Their Hobby into a Career !

So there’s this awesome job, the sort of job you’d just die to land (and tell your friends about)! But the awesome job isn’t nearly like the job you have now. So how do you make it from current job to awesome job?

In our podcast series, we’re hoping to provide insights and answers to that very question. We talk to young people who have amazing jobs or are doing something really cool and interesting and ask them how they did it. So listen along for good information and some inspiration, too.

Awesome, true story alert!

There’s this young couple who just bought their first home. It’s a fixer-upper to say the least, but the young couple are excited to dive in and make it their own. So they start documenting their DIY projects for their friends and family.  Before you know it, their blog starts growing, gets a lot of press attention, they turn it into a business, quit their jobs and work on it full time!

Whew. And it really did happen just like that.

Luckily, I got to interview one-half of the Young House Love couple (Sherry) to hear the story piece-by-piece and learn exactly what it is like to be a full-time blogger.

“It was completely my husband’s idea and I was like, ‘That’s weird!’” Sherry said of the blog’s humble beginnings. But eventually she changed her mind.

They started off by slowly selling ad space and after a little bit of money started rolling in, Sherry decided it was time to focus more on the blog. “I took a huge pay cut to do it. It was more like we’ll just see where this goes and after a year, it probably won’t work and I’ll go back to copywriting,” she said.

But of course, several years later, she’s still blogging and not copywriting.

Listen to the interview below (or download it) to hear more about their story.


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Naomi Campbell Will Nurture Young Models


This week, we commiserated with Cameron Diaz over her too-short haircut and argued that taking your kid to the tanning salon is the equivalent of smoking a bunch of cigarettes in front of them, in that it endorses an unhealthy behavior. (Incidentally, that New Jersey mom who brought her daughter to the salon goes 20 times a month. TWENTY TIMES A MONTH.) Here's what we were reading when we weren't booking our skin-cancer screening. (It's Skin Cancer Awareness Month, after all.)

The Avengers is in theaters today. Don't want to roll in in full costume like it's Comic Con? Try some of these glam eye-makeup looks inspired by Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and the rest. I'm loving the Nick Fury. It looks like something the rebel in a '90s R&B girl band would wear to the Grammys. (Admittedly, I am thinking this while rocking a little too hard to my TLC Pandora station.) [BellaSugar]

Glamour polled 1,800 women ages 18 to 40 and found that the sets of words women associate with thin and fat female bodies are both overwhelmingly negative. In the story, they further get into how it's hard for women to get past the first impression their bodies make for them. [Glamour]

Blech! Energy drinks are leaving teenagers with mouths full of corn-kernel teeth. A new study found that drinks like Red Bull and Rockstar cause twice as much damage as sports drinks. [Yahoo Shine]

Kathie Lee Gifford got Ultherapy on her forehead and Hoda Kotb got laser hair removal on her arms on the Today show yesterday. Gifford immediately says it hurts, but Kotb plays it tough. [Today]

Naomi Campbell will be one of three supermodel coaches on The Face, the Oxygen network's answer to America's Next Top Model. In the Grazia report, they write that the three mentors will be responsible for "moulding, nurturing and transforming" the girls. I'm going to bet that Campbell is more in the molding or transforming camp. [Grazia via Beauty Counter Blog]

Jezebel has done a roundup of the weirdest looks at Australian fashion week, including Joker-inspired lips and fungus-inspired pedicures. Related: That eagle bathing suit is very Brooklyn dumpster pool. [Jezebel]

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Controversy of young model

Taylor Swift on the cover of Vogue.
Photo / File

The editors of all 19 editions ofVogue around the world have pledged to use only healthy models no younger than 16 on their editorial pages in an attempt to shift fashion's approach to body image.
Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue's flagship US edition, and Emmanuelle Alt of Paris Vogue, which touched off a furore in 2010 with a photo spread featuring a 10-year-old girl, are among the editors who agreed to the pact.
"Vogue believes that good health is beautiful,'' said Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Conde Nast International and a scion of the New York publishing family that privately owns the world's most influential fashion title.
"Vogue editors around the world want the magazines to reflect their commitment to the health of the models who appear on the pages and the well-being of their readers,'' he said in a statement.
The editors said that in a six-point pact to appear in their respective June issues, they would pledge not to knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or with those 
"who appear to have an eating disorder.''
"We will work with models who, in our view, are healthy and help us to promote a healthy body image,'' they said.
The editors will also instruct modelling agencies not to send them underage models, require casting directors to check models' ID prior to photo shoots and encourage "healthy backstage working conditions,'' including food options.
Fashion designers, meanwhile, will be encouraged - though not obliged - to "consider the consequences of unrealistically small sample (dress) sizes... which encourages the use of extremely thin models.''
"We will be ambassadors for the message of healthy body image,'' the editors' pact concludes.
In an email to AFP, a Conde Nast spokeswoman said the initiative was being "implemented locally as is appropriate in each market by the individual editions.''
The Model Alliance, launched by New York-based fashion models in February to campaign for better working conditions, said it welcomedVogue's "impressive lead'' and hoped other magazines would follow suit.
"The use of underaged models is linked to financial exploitation, eating disorders, interrupted schooling, and contributes to models' overall lack of empowerment in the workplace,'' it said in a statement.
"We simply believe that 14 is too young to be working in this very grown-up industry, and we're glad that Conde Nast International is making this commitment.''
In a recent survey of 241 New York-based models posted on its website, the Model Alliance found that nearly 55 per cent had started working between the ages of 13 to 16.
Just over 60 per cent said they'd been asked by their agencies to lose weight.
"Eating disorders are not uncommon,'' according to the survey.
"Models report that drug use in the workplace is rampant. And more than two-thirds of models say they suffer from anxiety or depression.''

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Embroidered Anarkali Frocks | Anarkali style | Anarkali Collection 2012


Anarkali dresses, not only enhance the beauty of girls but also give them a unique style. We  have collected beautiful showcase of Anarkali suits from simple anarkali salwar kameez to awesome anarkali churidar dress. You will definitely like these designer anarkali suits. Post is beautified with the spectrum of latest anarkali suits, and we hope this will inspire you to the maximum extent.
the new exciting and latest collection of anarkali dresses all the dresses are with appealing color and the unique designs ,the perfect blend of color in designs and the fabricthe   dresses with latest and unique designs .the perfect and unique dresses with perfect and attrctive color and their latest design makes a fine look of the dress,the design are latest and the perfect and unique color combinations of the dresses  makes perfect one.     

Beautiful white Anakali

Elegant yellow  Anarkali Dress

Beige And Black  Anarkali
pink Embroidered  Frock
Red churidaar long kameez
 Stylish Fancy frock
white anarkali with choridar

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2012 Photos of Gray Hairstyles

Amazing actors and actress best photo collection of 2012 watch in this blog Rudy eyes and applied lipstick. simply examine that you utilize the right variety of cosmetics. Dee has massive sight, but a lot of eye liner will make little sight appear lesser. 

Ruby Dee Gray Hairstyles Pictures of 2012
 Devil Wears Prada Gray Hairstyles of 2012

Gray Hairstyles experts decided that this brief bob hair do could help her in righteously doubting some decades of her age. An ultra-voguish and distinctive hairstyle drawn off beautifully even in greyish.
Helen Mirren Gray Hairstyles of 2012