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2012 Zara Collection | Zara New Women's Collection Winter 2012 |

The black, whitened and steel color  scheme ensure that these outfits could be put on again and again and appear various every time by changing the actual components. Ä°ncrease a great edgy leather-based coat with a fairly get together gown or wear your own gown more than tights together with boot styles to get a much more contemporary appear.
Zara New Women's Collection Winter 2012
Zara Winter Collection for 2012

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Strapless Maxi Dress | long maxi dresses for girls | Floral print maxi dress | fashion 2012 fashion trend

long maxi dresses for girls ,
maxi Dress Trends - Latest Fashion Today
Strapless Maxi Dress , Floral print maxi dress fashion 2012 fashion trend
print maxi dress

Dresses - Casual Maxi

Summer Maxi Dresses
maxi Dress Trends - Latest Fashion Today

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trend make up korean artist 2012

World Top Stories News - trend make up korean artist 2012 :

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best pakistani fashion spring design 2012

World Top Stories News - best pakistani fashion spring design 2012 : Fashion designers and fashion promoters are more active since some yesteryears, now Pakistani fashion dressesare essential art of any big fashion festival of world. Pakistani dresses and stylish outfits were not always the centre of attention in international fashion weeks, but now the situation has been changed. Pakistani winter and spring 2012 fashion including latest Pakistani fashion dresses are up now.

Pakistani Fashion Dresses

Pakistani Fashion Dresses

Pakistani Fashion Dresses

Pakistani Fashion Dresses

Pakistani Fashion Dresses

Pakistani Fashion Dresses

source ; http://trendnstylez.com

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Titan Braille Watches | titan watches for girls | Titan Braille Watches | Obaku Harmony Watches

Titan Raga Watches For Girls.Accessories For Women - Ladies Watches
Titan Braille Watch.Titan launches Braille Watches
an Raga, Ladies  women   girls Wrist Watch, Model 2012
Titan Raga Watches For  Ladies
Images for titan watches for girls
Images for titan obaku

jewellery trends 2012-2013

World Top Stories News - jewellery trends 2012-2013 : ou are off-beamed when belief that Jewellery Trends 2012 is pony part of fashion, artificial and gold jewelry is vital for grab of glamorous look according to the latest fashion trends 2012-13, latest collection of jewellery for 2012 serene here for alluring and striking gaze and glance. Now in present world Jewellery added as integral part of fashion and style. Today Jewellery Trends 2012 have greetings as never prior to yesteryears. We added latest and top most attractive jewellery designs for 2012 fashion assortment.

As you know fashion and style is tainted year to year and the grooming process of style continues without any obstructions and stoppage, trends of permanent and artificial jewellery also join this craze race. Fashion designers and curators are working continuously for development of designs and patterns of jewelry. Upcoming style runways predicted by our experts for your further guidance in selection of appropriate jewelry sets.
How? Jewellery Trends 2012-13 Reaches to Us

First of all, I want to share some history about jewellery trends. History of jewellery starts many times before; we cannot count the number of cultures that were uses jewellery. The use of jewellery started thousand years before and it developed and grows in this gigantic time span. People of early civilizations were well aware about with the use of jewellery. In these groups African people were initiator of jewellery, the started making jewellery with snail shells about 75000 years ago and these jewellery sets found in a cave situated near Blombos. They also made their jewellery with the shells of ostrich eggs about 40000 years before.

Except Africans, Cro Magnons were also use crude necklaces made with animal teeth, animal sinew, craved bones, stones, berries, bones etc. they used to join their clothes with some animal teeth and craved bones. During deep observations in southern parts of Russia, bracelets craved with tusk of mammoth have also found. The use of metals in making of jewelry starts about 7000 years ago. In this specific time people able to made 1st copper jewellery set.

The improved and classical use of jewellery starts in well developed civilization of Egypt. During 1254 BC Amulet Pendant was made with carnelian, turquoise, lapis lazuli and with pure gold. A crown was also made for Eighteenth Dynasty’s Pharaonic Princes. This improved work was started before 3000 to 5000 years ago. Egyptians were expert in use of gold and they prefer it due to its reliability and durability. They use jewellery as a symbol of power having religious attachments. After the death of a Pharaon King all his jewellery buried with his dead body. By observing the designs of Turkish jewellery scientists understand that the trade between Europe and Middle Eastwas established during this period.

Digging research told us that about 4000 years ago people of old cities “Akkad andSumer” were also expert in jewelry crafting art. In UR’s Royal Cemetery, several burials found having age of 2900 to 2300 BC. That perfect jewellery samples found in Puabi Tombs.

Mesopotamian people use leaf type jewellery made with different metals embedded with colorful stones like jasper, carnelian, lapis ad chiefly agates. They were well attentive with filigree work, granulation, and engraving with cloisonné techniques.

During sixteenth century BC gold earrings were made. Greeks started to use the mixture of gems and gold about 1600 BC before. During 300 BC before they have made colored jewellery with the use of emeralds and pearls.

Almost all ancient cultures used jewellery as a form f stored wealth and treasure. They use jewellery as a perfect dowry and as a reserve asset. Afterwards Jewellery also uses as a trading common due to its acceptance in each and every part of world. That’s why the roots of jewellery trends are buried in the deepest corners of our culture and living styles.

Gemstones Jewellery Trends 2012
At this very part of my discussion I want to discuss some important jewellery stone trends that are essential in making of jewellery.

Amber Jewellery Trends 2012
Amber is a formed shape of a tree resin buries, and become hard with the passage of time. This is an ancient gemstone. Average age of a amber stone is about one million year and after gaining this long age amber get its original shape. Amber jewellery is very famous from many centuries and still this is the part of jewellery trends 2012.

Sapphire Jewellery Trends 2012
Sapphire is an-other classical gemstone for jewellery trends 2012, in sapphires blue sapphires are well know and popular due to the extensive use, sapphires are available in many other colors too.

Rubies Jewellery Trends 2012
Ruby/Rubies are perfect red gemstones, their beautiful, attractive and traditional red color make them populist among jewelry trends 2012. Rubies are added in the most precious gemstones list.

Jasper Jewellery Trends 2012
Use of Jasper stone in jewellery making is much known as jasper stone is very unique and has different styles being multi pattern gemstone, people use jaspers for multi color jewellery for their functions and bridal wears.

Jade Jewellery Trends 2012
In green color gemstones jade are very common and famous. Jade also found in other colors but green color jades are special ones. Jade gemstone has significant value in Asian civilization and tradition. In some words people ask about this stone that jade is a heaven’s stone.

Quartz Jewellery Trends 2012
Some crystalline type gemstones, gain various colors and these colored crystalline gemstones known as quarts. There are several quarts available like smokey, brown, pink and rose quartz are most famous. These quartz are also well in use with jewellery trends 2012-13.

Emerald Jewellery Trends 2012
Emerald is also very precious gemstone and among the family of gemstones emerald counted in the family of sapphires and rubies. Emerald is known from its greenish color and shade. According to historical records emerald has unique value in Egyptian era.
Amethyst Jewellery Trends 2012

Jewellery trends 2012 added different type of gemstones in this glorious list and amethyst has its own value and historical grounds. Amethysts are famous from their purple hue color and can check with their dark and light coloring effects.

Turquoise Jewellery Trends 2012
In all above gemstones there are some types of gemstones are very precious and found rarely on hardly any places on this planet, among these precious but attractive stones turquoise is at the top most place. These gemstones are in attractive and classy colors.

There are many other gemstones like amber, coral and pearls are also very famous for jewellery trends 2012 fashion and style.

Top 10 Jewellery Trends 2012
As we now the significant value of jewellery in our daily fashion and style, the choosing of right jewellery set is also very vital in order to grab extra glamorous and shinny look among fellow and family ladies. In below phrases I suggest a complete guide on choosing right jewellery for any forma or casual function. Follow these top most jewelry trends in year 2012 even in 2013.

Handmade Jewellery Trends 2012
In the list of jewellery trends 2012 handmade jewelry is placed at top. The importance of handmade jewellery is due to its demand and prices. The use of metal like gold and silver is significant in making of beautiful bridal jewellery, the modification of gold and forming with final touches is not possible without hand crafting, in Asia (PakistanandIndia) handmade jewellery is most popular and so attractive.

Big, Bold & Chunky Jewellery Trends 2012
Chunky Bold and Big jewllery sets are in vogue and trend list. The fashion bold and chunky jewellery like rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces and other fashion obstacles are in-fashion and vogue, you can observe this trend in different fashion ramps and fashion shows.
Bright Colored Jewellery Trends 2012

Different bright colors are week of ladies and this rule applies in jewellery too, bright and sparkling color jewellery has its own value and demand. Different attractive bright color jewellery sets are also part of fashion in 2012 style trends.

Natural Flora and Fauna Trends 2012
There are many natural flower patterns are available in different type of jewellery sets, these flower patterns are called Flora but on the other hand fauna jewellery is famed due to its animal sculptures. These fauna and flora trends are also part of fashion for next coming years.

Classic & Antique Jewellery Trends 2012
Classical antique work is also very precious in jewellery making. Now these trends are most popular for previous tow or three years. Antique jewellery sets are available in any artificial jewellery market. You can also search these classic jewellery earrings from online fashion shops or internet fashion store. Antique and classic is also part of vogue for year 2012-13

Blue Jewellery Shades and Trends 2012
Blue jewellery shades has deep influence in this trade of art and fashion. Blue shades in jewellery can get through the use of turquoise gemstones. In many ways purple and green is also part of fashion and style for fashion trends 2012-13.

Crosses Jewellery Trends 2012
The particular role of Crosses jewellery sets in fashion trends 2012 cannot be ignored. Cross jewellery designed in many attractive and glorious forms. These crosses are available in different sizes and colors. These crosses are center of attention in this running fashion year.

Platinum Jewellery Trends 2012
Precious metals like platinum are also used in making of jewellery, the platinum made jewellery used specifically in weddings and for precious gifts. The durability of platinum make it most reliable metal for jewelers and fashion lovers.

Diamond Jewellery Trends 2012
Use of diamond is a prestigious fashion of riches and members of royals. Diamond is the most costly stones on earth and found in the mines of coal. These diamonds are found in raw form, after polishing them these crystal stones become the part of top level shinny jewellery trends 2012.

Wedding Jewellery Trends 2012
The use of jewellery in Weddings by bride or other ladies is essential, in major part of Asia likeIndiaandPakistanjewellery is vital part of dowry

Pearls Jewellery Trend 2012
Beads and Pearls embedded jewellery liked by teens and college going girls. Beads and pearls are provide extra glamorous and sexy look to necklace, pendants, earrings, ankles and brooches. Teens and college goings are great fan of these light weight jewellery trends 2012. source trendnstylez.com.

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2012 best fashion valentines day for Men and Women

World Top Stories News - 2012 best fashion valentines day for Men and Women : So you have decided to look Fashionable on this Valentine’s Day 2012 with top most trends, fashion and styles. Here We are to help you look pretty and fashionable on this loveable event of Valentines Day 2012. Do you know when the Valentine’s Day 2012 will be celebrated? on February 14, 2012. Valentine’s day 2012 trends are collected from the latest fashion for the year 2012 launched by fashion designers. Lets have a look on the 2012 Valentines Day Fashions for men and women rather to say for boys and girl .

Valentine’s Day 2012 Fashion Trends For Men & Women
Valentine’s day 2012 is just on hand and eveyone is curious and excited to own the best looks of all on this occasion of spreading the love. It is the special day dedicated to your loved ones and sweethearts. Valentine’s day is concerned with presenting colourful flowers, Read More....

Valentine’s Day 2012 Trends Fashion-Styles for Men & Women
Valentine’s Day 2012 is presently on its way and on this love day, all girls on Valentine’s Day 2012 ready to share some love movements with their lovers. Celebration of such days is a symbol of life and heat Read More....

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas For Guys
Valentine’s Day is not just a day for women to set the trends for fashion and to make their men more in-love with them. In fact, for this year, other new pieces, and styles have caught men’s hearts that would really make them awesome where difference from the typical clothes and fashions that you could see in a common guy get-up. Read More....

Valentine’s Day 2012 Fashion Trends For Women

The tips of stylish outfits are for gorgeous and beautiful ladies! I give complete and nice guide for style and fashion for Valentine’s Day 2012 don’t lose attention on these fashion tips; after applying these tips you can get a perfect and trendy glamorous look after obtaining stylish personality amongst your fellow ladies and competitors. Read More....

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scene style clothes for girls

World Top Stories News - scene style clothes for girls : For those who don’t know the phrase “scene kids” yet, it is referring to those young people belonging to a current popular fad or fashion sub-genre, often relating to a musical genre. We’ve all seen the typical scene kids; Kiki Kannibal, Zui Suicide, Jac Vanek, etc. These examples make “being scene” look easy. If you would like to learn how to act, dress, and look like these idols, read on!

Things like clunky, oversized necklaces, bulky bags, big rings, or huge bracelets all are at home with being scene. Have a jewelry supply with random things in bright colors. Earrings should be big and noticeable.

Scene Girls Styling Tips:

  • Be random, but never overdo it. You may sound cool if you blurt out something out of context once in a while, but no one wants someone who screams “Purple hippos!” every ten seconds.
  • Make sure your scene hair isn’t too wild, or you won’t get enough adds on MySpace. Although most scene hair is known for being outlandish, if you go overboard, you may be labeled a poser.
  • Some people will hate you. Those people include punks, ska kids, and most members of the scene or local visitors of the local venue that are not scene kids. Don’t label people, and then they might not hate you. You are all people, not separate species.
  • Don’t limit yourself to one scene style, as there are many; glamour scene and glamcore are also scene. They just have more to do with designer labels.
  • Use popular scene queens for inspiration on how to look and dress. Examples of these would be Raquel Reed, Audrey Kitching, Philfingerbang, Zui Suicide, Kiki Kannibal, and Hammy Horror.
  • Don’t use scene language that is outdated, like “rawr”.
  • Make sure that you are very careful with your hair. It’s good to use a thermal protection spray applied in your hair before your straigten or curl. It’s also nice to buy lots of hairspray. Brands like Bed Head, Big Sexy, or Beyond Zone are all reputable brands.
  • When adding yourself to social networking sites, stay away from Stardoll. Stardoll contains a lot of posers trying to get a reputation in the scene world.

Where can i get cute scene girl clothes

Delicious Scene Clothing - Girls Jeans, Jacket Hoody, Skinnies
At Little Black Cherry we stock the most delicious scene clothes online! We offer a tasty selection of Scene Kids T-Shirts, Kitty Ears Hoodies, Girls Jeans, Guys Jeans, Scene Jewellery, Accessories, and more.Read More....

Scene Girls Fashion | Jacco Fashion* Women's Blouses Skirts
For those who don't know the phrase scene kids yet, it is referring to those ... scene style clothing stores, pictures of how scene girls dress like Read More....

Women's Skinny Jeans -emo clothing, emo clothes, scene kids
Buy ladies emo clothing, emo clothes and emo style from 3rd and 56th Street the UK online emo shop. Whether it's emo jeans, girls skinny jeans, or drainpipe trousers 3rd and 56th Street has more ladies new-rave, emo girl skinny jeans and trousers than you can shake a stick at Read More....

Free Printable Swimsuit Calendar 2012

World Top Stories News - Free Printable Swimsuit Calendar 2012 : Calendar Girl Calendar | Swimsuit Calendar 2011 Calendar Girl 2011 Beach Swimsuit Calendar. These sexy beach girls show the goods in this top swimsuit Read More....

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Anarkali Salwar Kameez Designs | Anarkali frock Designs | Anarkali Dresses | New Stylish Anarkali Dresses

anarkali salwar kameez

Anarkali suit, Anarkali Dress, Anarakali salwar kameez, Anarkali
New Stylish Anarkali Dresses

 Anarkali  frock Designs

Women cotton down parka Winter Long Jackets| Outerwear Overcoats | slim warm trench coats

red fashion goats
black fashion goats
red-fashion goats
black fashion goats

Fashion Winter Collection 2012 for Women | Latest Winter New Fashion Pakistan 2012-13

Fashion Winter Collection 2012 for Women | Exclusive Winter Collection 2012
Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends for Winter
Latest Winter Fashion Trends 2011/2012 for Women

Change winter Fashion Brand Collection 2012 - Women Fashion Clothes
Images for Fashion Winter dresses for Women pictures
2012 Latest Winter Fashion Dresses-Clothes For Women

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Short Hair Style | Fun Short Hair Color Ideas Pics | Funky Hair Color 2012 Photos

brown hair color
smooth hair color
Hair Color Ideas for short Hair

short hair color ideas

Short Hair Style | Fun Short Hair Color Ideas | Funky Hair Color Ideas 2012 | Hair Coloring Advice | How to Style & Cut Your 

Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair| hair color for 2012| stylish hair color

hair color for long hair
hair colour for 2012
hair highlights

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Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Top 10 Food & Wine Destinations in US

1 New Orleans, Louisiana
Breakfast in New Orleans is relatively easy: go for beignets and chicory coffee. For lunch and dinner, though, you’ll have to choose from an almost bewildering array of options, from Cajun or Creole specialties to BBQ to some of the best French food you can find outside France

2 Napa, California
Everyone knows Napa as a wine destination, and it lives up to the hype. This is oenophile heaven, and you could spend days going from tasting room to tasting room. There’s a flourishing restaurant scene, too, featuring everything from Michelin-starred standouts to tiny local bistros

3 Chicago, Illinois
Chicago has high-end, world-famous restaurants like Alinea, the temple of molecular gastronomy where you might find yourself “sucking hibiscus jelly, tapioca balls and vanilla creme fraiche out of a cigar,” as one TripAdvisor traveler wrote. But it’s also famous for hot dogs and deep-dish pizza. In short—no matter your budget, this is a perfect foodie town.

4 Charleston, South Carolina
If you’re craving homestyle Southern food, Charleston is a great place to get it. Try she-crab soup, fried green tomatoes, ham biscuits and benne wafers—and be sure to leave room for dessert. Anything made with fresh local peaches is a safe bet

5 San Francisco, California
No doubt about it—San Francisco is a foodie town. Visitors can explore Chinatown, take a gourmet food–focused walking tour, splurge on the tasting menu at Restaurant Gary Danko (currently ranked #1 on TripAdvisor) or sample your way through the Ferry Building Marketplace… it doesn’t get much better than this

6. New York City, New York
Name a food, any food—you can get it somewhere in NYC. In fact, foodies often plan their entire NYC itinerary around eating. Dim sum in Chinatown? A neighborhood food tour? Coal-fired pizza? Dinner at the latest hot spot? The choice is yours

7 Savannah, Georgia
Visit Savannah for amazing BBQ, shrimp and grits, shad roe, boiled peanuts, oysters and much, much more… all served up with gracious Southern hospitality. As befits a college town, there’s also a lively bar scene.

8 Santa Fe, New Mexico
We hope you like chili peppers, as you’ll encounter a lot of them (of both the green and red varieties) in Santa Fe. For a taste of real New Mexican cuisine, try posole (a spicy corn stew) and sopapillas (fried pastries—they can be savory or sweet)

9 Las Vegas, Nevada
Think beyond cheapo all-you-can-eat buffets. Nowadays, Las Vegas’ high-end casinos feature restaurants from some of the world’s most celebrated chefs. You’ll also find plenty of old-school steakhouses and a slew of breakfast joints. After all, if you’ve stayed up all night playing blackjack, you’ve got to eat somewhere, right?

10 Asheville, North Carolina
If you’re into eating locally and supporting sustainable agriculture, go to Ashville—and eat, eat, eat. This town of less than 100,000 people has 17 farmers’ markets, and the local restaurant scene is all about taking advantage of seasonal produce. And don’t miss the area’s microbreweries

Source www.tripadvisor.com..

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barbie theme store interior design

World Top Stories News - barbie theme store interior design ; Here is a home interior design for Barbie Girls. Luxury house with furniture and knick-knacks all this Barbie will make her feel like a princess. Girls bedrooms with knick-knacks and this Barbie-style interior decor looks so graceful, red in the curtains covering the windows and the walls of the room to the ceiling gives the impression of a very luxurious in the bedroom. High bed with white bedding as the center of the room :

Here is a home interior design for Barbie Girls. Luxury house with furniture and knick-knacks all this Barbie will make her feel like a princess. Girls bedrooms with knick-knacks and this Barbie-style interior decor looks so graceful, red in the curtains covering the windows and the walls of the room to the ceiling gives the impression of a very luxurious in the bedroom. High bed with white bedding as the center of the room. Even more interesting than this luxurious bedroom because of the special space as a place to store a collection of beautiful shoes like a princess.

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