Monday, July 2, 2012

Taylor Swift's Fashion Style for Young Girls


Oh I am basically in love with Taylor Swift's fashion style. She is cute, stylish and seems like a very fun girl (look at me, I'm worshiping a teenage queen star like I'm a true teenage girl -haha). Yeah, although I'm not in my teen or twenties anymore but I still love what she's wearing. She always seems to dress casually chic with a bit of boho slash edgy slash city-look kinda girl. It seems that she just dressed up in whatever she feels like into. Love love love her chic no-fuss look and what's important is how she looks so comfortable wearing it.

Taylor loves to wear boots a lot, from leather boots that she love to pair with tight jeans to country style boots which she usually pair with a loose-cut or flowy dresses for her gigs. She also love to wear structured black tights (which I love). And she also love to dress up in a posh school-girl style which is kinda like what the kids in Constance (Gossip Girl)'s school would wear ^o^ And it looked so cute on her, and really age-appropriate :)

I love her casual look with simple denim skirt and a white blouse plus cardi on the left, she added a little bit of boho-ness to the look by adding a fringe bag and gladi sandals. I also love her really simple style on the right. All black and white with a little bit of green splash color to keep it interesting.

Okay, enough about Taylor Swift for you guys, I'm afraid I would bore you (but never enough for me, I swear ;p). What do you think? Do you like her style too? Praise this young starlet's fashion sense like me? Or her style just not you? tell me, tell me, tell me... i wanna know ^__^

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