Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 Hairstyling Tips For Young Girls

Girls know that styling your hair can cause major damage. Whether you are coloring it, blow drying it, curling it, teasing it, or pulling it back into a rubberband — every day we do something to damage it.

So here are some tips to make styling your hair both easier and gentler…some of you might already know these, while others may be new. All are great tips, though!

Wash and Rinse
Wash your hair, and wash it good! You don’t have to spend a fortune on hair products, but you really should use both a shampoo and conditioner that work together for your particular hair type. But you should definitely spend extra time rinsing all the product gunk out of your hair. Otherwise, your hair could be difficult to style, and be weighted down…it could even look “dirty” when you’ve just washed it!

More Isn’t Always Better
Too much gel or mousse in your hair creates nothing but a sticky, unmanageable mess! And if you use expensive styling products, you are wasting money as well. Use water to rinse out what you can, dry off the excess water, and then style as normal. You should still have enough product left in there to get the job done.

Splurge On Your Tools
Yes, I can tell the difference when I get my hair done at the salon and they use pricey hairbrushes, a good tourmaline dryer, and an expensive flat iron. I have purchased all of these items, and have had them for years. Consider it an investment; your hair will thank you for it!

When You Blowdry Does Matter
If you hop right out of the shower and start blowdrying your hair, you’ll probably realize that it takes a lot longer than normal. If your bathroom is steamy, it actually will take more time (and more heat) to get it dry, and may do more damage to your hair as well.

If You Can Wait, Wait
If you can, just blow dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry and then let it air dry the rest of the way. The longer you blow dry, the more likely you are to cause damage to your hair with all the yanking and pulling you are doing. If you are not going to be curling or flat ironing after you blow dry, then when it’s 80% dry you can go ahead and pin it up, put it in a pony tail…whatever.

Better yet, shower in the evening and then let your hair air dry. This avoids having to blow dry your hair at all!
What is the best styling tip you have? Mine is that last one…I try to blowdry my hair as little as possible. And when I do blowdry it, I always use a heat protecting product. I really like Nexxus’ Protexx Heat Protection Styling Spray (and it smells good too!)

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