Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Neckline Fashion | Gala / Neck Designs of Kameez Dresses

Fashion repeats itself in some decades, either it should related to beauty or related to clothing. You may notice that women dresses in 1980’s and in early 90’s are much similar to the dresses of current age. Long loose kurti’s with chooridar or bell bottom shalwar’s are on same pattern of 90’s. Similarly the designing techniques and designs also repeats itself like embroidery work, glass work,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Graceful Embroidered Dresses | Bridal Embroidered Fashion

An embroidered dress plays a vital role in women fashion. In fashion industry most important thing which should be under consideration of a designer is accessory and stuff that he/she uses to develop designs of fabric. Embroidery is most famous and common thing to nourish a dress. It has lots of styles based on culture, season and taste. Handmade embroidery with silver or golden thread is very

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Latest Salwar Kameez Fashion | Umbrella Dresses

Shalwar Kameez Fashion in winter is so common and its reliable and sizzling when use with shawl. Here we are with some brand new designs of shalwar kameez relevant to winter season. All the stuff is superb and implausible for winter. Designs are really superb and you will like all these. This latest Shalwar kameez trend gives comfort to wear in winter season. So let’s have a look on dashing

Al-Karam Winter Collection 2010-11 | Al karam Dresses

Alkaram new designs for winter season are in the shelf now. Al-karam is famous producing high quality fabric and dashing designs for all types of seasons and fashion. Keeping in view the current fashion scenario and trends Alkaram produces high quality products for this winter season of 2010-2011. All the designs are so colorful and attractive. Designers did their best effort and made best

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lakme Fashion Week Winter 2010-11 | Fashion Show

Lakme Fashion week recently held in Delhi on 17th of September 2010. Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010-11 was a very satisfying five-day fashion festival and was ongoing great, glittering, glitzy play. Most of the talented designers like Shymal and Bhumika, Abhi Rahul participate in this Fashion week. The particular aspect of this fashion week was to show bridal work of different designers

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection | Sizzling Clothing

Gul Ahmed is a well known and advanced Textile manufacturer, produces variety of products like cloth, home textile and commercial manufacturing of made ups. Gul Ahmed clothing designs is well famous and Gul Ahmed always produced quality of fabric with beautiful designs. Gul Ahmed ladies wear collection always appreciated in fashion industry and almost all big dress designers works with Gul Ahmed

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bridal Collection of Sana Safinaz | Embroideries Dress

Sana and Safinaz design for the quintessential Asian woman. Their creation are different from Indian designers yet they bear a Strong Eastern influence. Over the years, the girls added bridal wear, diffusion and pret to what was earlier, only haute couture. Today, in collaboration with a textile mill, they produce a retail line that allows the brand to reach into every home. The Sana Safinaz

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Agnes Monica multi talented Indonesian actress

Agnes Monica is a singer, TV presenter and indonesian multi talented actress (Born on july 1, 1986). She started her celebrity career as a singer when she was still child. As she grew up, she expanded her career to star in advertisements and as singer movie starr.

She received the Panasonic Award in 1999 as the best anchor for a children's program, was named best young artist by artiscilik.com and best actress in 2002 by the Bandung Movie Forum. She is graduated of Pelita Harapan High School.

Franda, VJ HUNT MTV Asia 2007

VJ Franda, she's the winner VJ HUNT MTV Asia 2007. Her real name is Efranda Stephanus. Being a famous VJ is an intentionally pleasant event for VJ Franda. Her position now enables her to meet with so many people, including handsome and sexy men. But the strange thing is, This DJ Franda does not like the men who have atletic figure.

Elfranda Stephanus who is now known by the name of VJ Franda is one of famous VJ (Video Jockey) in some music proggrames in MTV Channel. The Vj always shows a nice performance before the audience watch the best clips in the channel. But sometimes she feels nervous or don't have enough self confident when the first time she should face the camera, because she looks fatter with her chubby cheek. Especially when she should have some interviews with famous musicians that can make her more nervous and confused. And now this women who was born on Pebruary 8 thinks that the world has been changed as it's her turn now to be interviewed.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Salwar kameez | Ladies Kurti / Kurta | Colorful Dresses

Salwar kameez (also spelt shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez) is the dress worn by both men and women in South Asia and Central Asia. It is a unisex dress similar in manner to shirt and pants worn by westerners. Traditionally, it has been worn in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Punjab (a region shared by both Pakistan and Northern India). It is the official traditional dress of Pakistan. Since the 20th

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Collection of Style Magazine | Autumn Dresses

Fall head over heels!There is a subtle change in the weather as summer melts into fall, and with that shift it is essential to update our wardrobes too. Fall demands that rich, dark hues be work in solid, definitive cuts and FnkAsia provides just the palette and the cut in its new line of clothes that speak of approaching winter in an urban landscape. Delicious chocolate browns, the ever-regal

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Umbrella Salwar Kameez | Latest Designs

In South Asia especially in India and Pakistan Shalwar Kameez is a famous and most wearing dress of boys and girls. In girls clothing salwar kameez has lots of beautiful styles and patterns, traditionally has beautiful designs and outfits. Today here at she9 platform we will deliver to you some beautiful Umbrella Shalwar Kameez styles. All the designs are fancy so one can wear these designs in

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fancy Wedding Shalwar Kameez Collection at Rupali

Rupali Online is an online departmental store with a wide array of products specifically catering to Asian shopping tastes. Rupali provide a wholesome experience in shopping for clothing, jewellery and many more. Mainly Rupali deals in women clothing and jewelry items and have a wide range of latest and trendy fashion items either in clothing or of beauty.Today here at the platform of she9 you

Natural hair colour for grey hair

Natural hair colour for grey hair a little later in women when these pigment cells gradually stop producing melanin and without the chemical, our hair turns white or gray. Some studies have shown that poor health, anemia, thyroid problems and possibly smoking can cause hair to go gray sooner. Natural hair colour for grey hair ideas

Natural hair colour for grey hair
Natural hair colour for grey hair 2011

Prevent grey hair

Prevent grey hair colors Cosmetic science has been given a new meaning. Its potential has further intensified with the onset of the process. If the gene therapy could make the white hair of an albino mouse turn black, it should also help banish gray hair and that too without dyes. It is a challenge and scientists are working hard to come out with a new form of gray hair treatment that would prevent grey hair and give a run to dyes. However, most agree there are some formidable hurdles yet ahead since the target is a complex one.Prevent grey hair coloing tips
Prevent grey hair 2011

Reverse grey hair

the mention of gray hair is hair dye or color. Hair dyes can no doubt easily cover those gray strands, but some of them might contain certain harsh chemicals. Therefore, never forget to check the ingredients of hair dye before applying them on your hair. The chemicals found in many hair dyes, that can damage your hair are ammonium peroxide and alcohol. Such chemicals can be too harsh on your hair and make them excessively dry. 

Reverse grey hair,Reverse grey hair ideas,Reverse grey hair pictures

Premature grey hair stress

Premature grey hair stress,Premature grey hair stress pictures short hairstyles look great as hairstyle for older women. Check out pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis Pixie hairstyles. She sports a stunning pixie cut with gray hair. Even Pink has sported with a gray pixie style. get a pixie cut, the hair on the back and sides are cut into short crops, and the front of the hair is cut into blunt bangs or, for a stylish look, into long sweeping bangs.
Premature grey hair stress 2011

Premature grey hair stress Pictures 2011

Grey hair treatment

Grey hair treatment,Grey hair treatment and ideas,Grey hair treatment pictures The first method which should go behind gray hair treatment includes adding protein rich foods to your diet. Earl Grey, according to lore, received it as a gift when his envoy saved a Chinese official's son from drowning. Grey hair treatment Apart from increasing the intake of protein, you must also go for foods rich in minerals, vitamin A and vitamin B. Foods high in minerals such as iron, copper and zinc provide a great deal of benefits in addressing graying of hair. 

Grey hair treatment 2011 

Premature grey hair

Premature grey  One of the most effective natural remedies for reversing gray hair is regular application of coconut oil. Use pure coconut oil for massaging the scalp each night before going to bed and wash next day. Another tip to cure gray hair is to use the extract obtained by boiling coconut oil and cut Indian gooseberry till the oil turns dark in color. Premature grey hair ideas,Premature grey hair pictures
 Premature grey hair 2011
Premature grey hair